Monday, January 16, 2012

Taylor’s Students Striking a Balance between Studies and Sports

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Besides guiding the students to achieve academic excellence, Taylor’s University also place a strong emphasis in developing its students’ potential in the sports arena.
This year alone, Taylor’s University under its Sports and Recreation Centre, had competed in 25 sports tournaments organised by the Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities (MAPCU). The tournaments were held with a primary objective of promoting the spirit of healthy competition, co-operation and fair play among students of the participating institutions of higher learning. MAPCU also recognizes the importance of sports as part of an education process.
Acknowledging the outstanding achievements by some of the students in sports, Taylor’s University recently held an award presentation ceremony to Taylor’s MAPCU Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year (2011).
The Sportswoman of the Year Award went to Nurazleen Naquiah, a student from School of Communication. She had obtained both a Gold Medal and a Silver Medal in Dodgeball and Netball competition respectively. Jagvinder Singh, a student from School of Engineering (SOE), was awarded the Sportsman of the Year Award 2011 for contributing one Gold Medal in Hockey and one Silver Medal in the Cricket competition. Both award recipients received a plaque, certificate and sports equipment from Ms. Angela Pok, Director of Student Experience Department.
Mr. Suresh Singh, Assistant Manager of Sports and Recreation Centre, explained that this is the second year they had presented these awards to students at the Lakeside Campus.  Besides being judged based on their achievements in sports, the students’ training attendance and personalities are also taken into their consideration as part of the judging criteria. 
“This is a great way to acknowledge the students who had sacrificed their time and put in the efforts for their training. Most of the students are wise enough to strike a balance between their studies and sports schedule.” said Mr Suresh.
“Moreover, with sports, they are able to learn to engage with a larger community where they are most likely to establish life-long friendships as well as enhance their communication skills.” he added.
Jagvinder Singh was pleasantly surprised to be selected as the award recipient this year and it has become a tremendous motivation for him to train harder. On the time management aspect, he is confident that he has planned his time well without neglecting his studies, especially when exams period is approaching.
“One should know his priorities well in order to be able to manage his time effectively. It is always good to remember the exams and assignment due dates so that one can plan his activities in advance. I find it very liberating to be able to excel in both my studies and sports,” he advised.
Besides Taylor’s MAPCU Sportsman & Sportswoman Awards, the Sports & Recreation Centre also gave away the Best Sports Club President Award to Lau Mei Juin and Most Outstanding Sports Club of the Year Award to Taylor’s University Muay Thai Club.
“A healthy mind comes with a fit body, it always go hand in hand.” quipped Suresh.
                                   Angela Pok (left), Director of Student Experience and Jagvinder Singh (right), Taylor’s MAPCU Sportsman of the Year 2011.
                                   Angela Pok (left), Director of Student Experience with Nurazleen Naquiah (right), Taylor’s MAPCU Sportswoman of the Year 2011.

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