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The Magic of Limkokwing radio show reaches ground-breaking 125 countries worldwide

  • By David Gituen Marcus
  • 12 January 2012
Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is once again making waves across the globe with The Magic of Limkokwing - The World in One Place airing on every Sunday night at 10pm. The one-of-a-kind audio experience has managed to attract 130,000 listeners avidly tuning in every week and demanding replays online in 125 countries across the globe, making Limkokwing University the first university to air nationwide on Malaysia’s number one English radio station, adding to the many ground-breaking achievements the university has achieved.

(L-R) Gintare, Michael, and Sonny from Denmark are posing with the hosts, Malaz Elnaiem (2nd left) and Jonah Sithole (Right), after recording their show. Gintare, Michael and Sonny are exchange students from Aarhus Business Academy, Denmark.

Ground-breaking Radio Show

Hosted by homegrown talents such as Malaz Elnaiem, a Mass Communication student from the United Kingdom with a larger than life personality, 2006 Zimbabwean Idol, Jonah Sithole, and joined by Maya Talpur, an ever-cheerful Professional Design student from Pakistan, the two-hour weekly event showcases the diversity of the student body which is truly a unique Limkokwing experience.

The show has had over 60 guests deriving from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds, and is airing for the 46th time as of 15th January 2012. Both students and alumni alike from all corners of the earth were invited to share their experiences and their own individual perspectives with the rest of the nation, bridging gaps between nations, and raising a generation of globally-conscious students equipped and ready to take on the world and what it has in store for them.

Kuralay Assainova (2nd Right) from Kazakhstan pose for a group photo with the hosts of The Magic of Limkokwing - The World in One Place after recording for the show. Maya Talpur (L) from Pakistan, Malaz Elnaiem from the UK (2nd Left) and Jonah Sithole from Zimbabwe (right) are the hosts of the show that is aired every Sunday night from 10pm–12am on
Guests on the show hail from different specialties, courses and sectors of creativity ranging from Game Design to Digital Photography. They are invited to discuss their many passions and interest in which lead them to Limkokwing University and how the university has not only provided them with the necessary framework and skill but has also acted as a catalyst in their growth in all sectors of their work by opening doors and exposing them to the clockwork of the global industry.
“Why travel when I can learn amongst people from all over the world, and experience all that and more in one place? There is so much to explore here. My Limkokwing experience has been highly inspirational and eye-opening to say the least,” said David Marcus, an Interior Architecture student from Malaysia who was recently featured on the Christmas edition of the show. Limkokwing University continues to widen the horizons of creativity, inspiring young minds to explore their interest and cultivate their talents globally.
The Magic of Limkokwing – The World in One Place, has managed to feature students from Lithuania, Venezuela, Uganda, Korea, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Iran, Russia, Mauritius, Finland, France, Norway, Iraq, Denmark, Netherlands, Honduras, Indonesia, India and Costa Rica, all with their own unique experiences to share and stories to tell, reaching out beyond borders to learn from one another and find commonality in their differences.

The World in One Place

The Magic of Limkokwing – The World in One Place highlights the uniqueness and cultures of students from all over the world. For the Christmas Show, David Gituen Marcus from Malaysia (Front right), Kausar from Somalia (Front, 2nd right), and Rocio Rivera Madrid from Honduras (Front, 2nd left) were telling the hosts and audience about their memories of Christmas. The show is hosted by Maya Talpur of Pakistan (front left), Jonah Sithole from Zimbabwe (Back row, left) and Malaz Elnaiem from the UK (Back row, right).
With an eclectic mix of different races, cultures and backgrounds learning and collaborating with each other, Limkokwing University truly embodies to its core the meaning of diversity. Lifestyle events such as The Magic of Limkokwing - The World in One Place as well as the Creativity in Motion Fashion Show provide a stage for students of the university to showcase their many works and talents gaining attention and recognition worldwide.
The diversity of the student body only accentuates the product of the events giving the international audience a chance to peer into the advance perspectives of these young minds that have been able to grow under the nurturing eye of the institution.
“Where else do you get so many different nationalities in the same place? In one hour I think you must have seen about 40 different countries on stage!” exclaimed host Malaz Elnaiem while hosting the bi-annual Creativity in Motion Fashion Show commemorating the graduating fashion students on the 22nd December 2011.
Spreading its influence as one of the world’s leading institutes of creative technology, Limkokwing University is a truly global learning experience with over 30,000 students from more than 160 countries, with 12 campuses located on three different continents around the globe.

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